About Us Page

Mason Jar Label is a brand focused on bringing you clothing with that vintage look and feel, that normally takes years of wear to achieve. We are in love with all things vintage, and as I’m sure you will notice from our designs, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like our clothing to have humor, a sense of honor and respect for our great country, and to connect with a simpler time. How did Mason Jar Label come to be?

My wife, kids, and I were leaving church one Sunday afternoon in 2013, when suddenly my mind began to flood with t-shirt ideas I had come up with some time ago for a line of t-shirts with a Texas theme. We had been promotional printers for years printing everyone else’s designs for their businesses, churches, teams, pretty much anyone that needed printing. But I had always wanted to have a clothing line of my own. So I developed the line, and started knocking on doors, clothing stores, souvenir shops, boutiques, anyone that would carry a t-shirt. Soon our line Texas Tees Apparel was in four stores, and we were excited about the possibility that this could be the beginning of something really successful, and it needed to be! One day, while speaking with a boutique owner in Decatur, Texas, she told me that I should take my line to Dallas Market. I had never heard about market or what it was, but when she told me that potential buyers would come to one location and look at my line, I thought it was the best thing I had ever heard of. So we prayed, and decided to put money that needed to go towards paying rent towards getting a spot at Market, and building a display booth from reclaimed wood. That first market, we made it into 20 stores! But we noticed that we had pigeon-holed ourselves with the name Texas Tees Apparel, and only focusing on Texas designs. There were a lot of people who loved the look and feel of our line, but weren’t from Texas, so we quickly adapted, changing our focus to our vintage look and feel, and embodying Americana, and all that comes along with it. We changed our named to Mason Jar Label, because Mason Jars to me are the single most iconic symbol of what vintage is, and the preserve things. And since our goal was to preserve a vintage look and feel, it was a perfect fit.

Fast forward a few years and we are still growing rapidly, now in over 1000 stores and adding more all the time. We have gone from just my wife and I printing, to a team of great employees and great vendors carrying our line who we love. And of course we couldn’t do any of this without the Lord having giving us the inspiration, direction, and determination to do it. And thanks to you, our customers and fans of Mason Jar Label who we appreciate so much. We couldn’t have gotten where we are without you either. So we hope you enjoy our brand, enjoy what it stands for, and help us preserve a vintage lifestyle.

-Matt and Amber